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Welcome to my Online portfolio. You can see here a selection of my favorite jobs from the last few years. There are some Music Videos, Advertisements, TV-Series and Short Movies in the collection. I'm working on Adobe platform. I was born in 1989 in Hungary and worked for an Advertising Agency for years. Now i live in Berlin and looking for new experiences and adventures. I was the Student of the Filmakademie-Kelle, a private Movie orientated school in the heart of the city. If you want to know more about me, check my videos or contact me.

My works


SHORT MOVIE / 2nd camera assistant /

A deep and futuristic story of the connection between father and son.

Andreas Meichsner Produktion 2019


Short Movie / cutter /

Replace by a robot and in a money-ridden and digitised world, an unemployed factory worker tries to get closer to his beloved before the events of the modern future are upon him.

Behind the scenes - YOUTUBE

MaarsenFilms 2019


SHORT MOVIE / cutter /

Gustav und Franco recently decided to move into the criminal world and earn serious amounts of money. But, their plans don't quite work out. And definitely not as they had wanted.

MaarsenFilms 2016

Dead end: at the end we die

TV-Series / cutter, vfx /

Johnny and William guide us through all the episodes, trying to figure out the reason to why their friend OSCAR was murdered. On this path they unpredictably meet various people who will either help with their investigation, or derail it.

Dream Team Productions 2016


MUSIC VIDEO / cutter /

A Music-Video of a famous hungarian rock musicians with drum play in the focus.

Miga Film 2016

VIRGO: Stand the pain

MUSIC VIDEO / Cutter /

A music video of a hungarian alternative rock band

Miga Film 2014

Modern art orchestra: IMMUNMAN Music video / Cutter /

A great music video from the family album Music Boat with an animated graphic figure in it.

Miga Film 2014

budai xi Karate club

demo video / Cutter /

An image film for the best karate club of Budapest.

Miga Film 2014

FKF - Selective waste collection

Advertisement series / Cutter /

An advertise video series for the selective waste collection program in Budapest.

Miga Film 2014


music video / Cutter /

A special classical music video clip for a violin orchestra.

Miga Film 2014


social net video / Cutter /

This short movie shows how a home made 4K Film scanner works.

Filmakademie-Kelle 2014


Advertisement / Cutter /

An advertise movie for a freetime park and recreational center for kids and families in Szentendre, Hungary.

Miga Film 2013

SZtarklikk: sipos-galla

advertisement / Cutter /

Advertise movie for a news portal called Sztarklikk with famous hungarian actors.

Miga Film 2013

BRFK crime prevention

advertisement series / Cutter /

An advertise series for the hungarian police department about the crime prevention.

Miga Film 2013


music video / Cutter /

Street musician music video clip.

Miga Film 2013


tv-series / Cutter /

An episode from one of the konyha.tv original series. Beautiful images of flower made foods.

Konyha.TV 2013


cooking tv show / Cutter /

Famous hungarian stars and musicians cook in a talk show.

Konyha.TV 2013

Múzeumok éjszakája

advertisement / Cutter /

An advertise movie for the "Long Night of Museums" special event in Hungary

Miga Film 2013


advertisement / Cutter /

Advertise movie for a news site called Sztarklikk with famous hungarian actors and musicians.

Miga Film 2013


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